Faq - Dine Points


How do I earn points?

Just sign up as a GroupTable member, sync up your social networks and you are now ready to earn points! You get points for booking tables at restaurants, writing reviews, sharing/liking content etc. You can see the list of activities on our activities page in the rewards section. We’ll credit you points every time you do any activity on GroupTable!

What is a perk offer?

A perk offer is when you earn points 1000+ points for reserving a table through Grouptable. You may also get complimentary drinks or dessert from the restaurant when you book through us. The points will be added to your account after verifying that you have dined at the restaurant. You can redeem these points against gifts at the rewards store.

How long does it take for my points to get credited?

For activities like inviting friends, sharing, liking and tweeting, you will get points credited instantly. For bookings, reviews and you will get credited as soon as our verification is complete. In case it takes longer, you can email points@grouptable.com your query.

How to I redeem my points for Rewards?

Once you have enough points, just go to the redeemable section under Rewards, click on redeem and follow the checkout information. You will receive a confirmation email once the transaction is complete with further information on how to proceed.

What’s the difference between Lifetime points and Redeemable points?

Lifetime points are the number of points you have accumulated since becoming a member. This number will never decrease and measures you GT Rank and GT Level. Check out our Leaderboard to see your rank and level. Redeemable points can be used to redeem rewards. Keep dining through GroupTable, writing reviews and doing other activities, stack up the points and redeem our cool gifts!

How do badges and levels work?

Badges are based on your LifeTime points. The more points you earn, faster you level up. And each time you level up, you get a new badge! Check out the LeaderBoard to see how far you’ve come!