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For Restaurateurs

What is GroupTable?

GroupTable is an online platform that connects diners with the best fine dining restaurants in your city. Through our unique platform, we give exclusive rates for group sizes based on the restaurant owners conditions and diners to book deals through our website, We have a seamless online booking system in place through which you (the restaurant) get notified immediately after the booking is done.


How GroupTable works?


As our name suggests, we attract diners in big groups, which represents a higher cheque value for the restaurant. In simple words, the restaurant owner sets the minimum group size required to avail exclusive savings on the cheque amount. This deal will be marketed on our website, allowing diners to have memorable dining experiences through savings.

Who uses GroupTable?

Anyone who is looking to go out and have a great dining experience! Because we have gained the reputation of being THE place to go for groups looking to dine out, we have the tie-ups with the best properties.

How can my restaurant benefit from GroupTable?

Our model allows restaurants to benefit hugely because it offers unique flexibility. We work with you to formulate a discount that is able to attract diners on your less busy days! It also encourages customers to dine at your restaurant, who may otherwise choose not to. This way, we help you attract new customers. And best of all, you can get big groups, which means a higher cheque value!


Do you have a no discount policy? No worries, we have other ways to market you! Check out our advertising page (Link) for more details.

I’m sold on this idea. How to I get it touch?

Email us on more advertising information, visit this page